Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall pictures

As the Goldenrod is just getting started I decided to take some pictures of the Hives going into the fall. As I said in the beginning I started with two Hives both with Russian / VSH they seemed to be doing OK . Then the next thing I knew the bees did not care for them so they changed them out and things started to really get going. Those two hive are three mediums high going into winter and real strong. the days are starting to only get in the mid 80's. So I was not surprised when one of the hives started to slow down before the goldenrod started. Then a friend gave me a hive with a Russian queen they were doing well until that great day when 18 came to meet me and say hello like only a honeybee can. So I decided to replace that queen with a Minnesota Hygienic x VSH stock. from Olivarez Honey Bees. What a great Queen.

This is the Queen I added in Mid August I think she is doing Great. What do you think?
Boy can these girls bring in the goldenron.

It was like a snow day for the girls.

I wounder if they do have fun while they work???

Family does not understand how I can watch these girls fly and do there thing.
 Well hope you all enjoy the pictures. We still have some warm weather to come so I will take more in the next two weeks.


  1. Please share more about the Minnesota Hygeinic bees! I will be ordering another package in November for the spring and I will also be ordering a queen for my split and I was wondering if the MN Hygeinic bees are aggressive or similar to Italians?

  2. thanks for the updates! very interested as well as your experience with the Minnesotas. love you hive stand - very clever!

  3. My Son makes the stands for me. The first two pictures are of the MH. filled a super in three weeks, very nice pattern. I will post more pictures as the grow

  4. Brooky!!!!!

    Looking good there bubba.

    Pretty hives and all.

    gotta love those frame hangers on the sides dontcha?

    well, we're still rootinnn for ya over at Rebel Bee Club even if you don't post there anymore and left us hanging.


    good work homeboy.

    Big Bear