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Sunday, April 18, 2010

I thought my bees arrived

Well Saturday came and I get a call from the people that were delivering my bees and they said that I should have them by 6:00pm that evening.When they arrived we brought the bees to the area with the hives in the back yard. I live in a rural neighborhood with a 1/2 acre of land Pictures of yard will follow. We got the bees to the area and open the box there were bees everywhere. As soon as I looked at the first frame I knew there was something wrong, they sent the wrong size, Deeps instead of mediums.So all we could do was pack up what bees we could and send them back. The wright bees should show up Wednesday, I hope. Here is the oicture of what is left.
Check out the Stand the hive is on My son made them for me and they are sweet. I do have to say one thing for a person that knows nothing about bees I sure do look good in a bee jacket, as long as the hood is on. LOL!!!
I am not sure the ones that were left behind will make it but I did put in 8 medium frames with foundation and some sugar water in a top hive feeder to see if the will hang around. We will see.

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